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如您想更多地了解我们的服务和价格信息,可以联系您当地的 站点。我们将非常高兴为您提供建议并同您设计符合您要求的解决方案。

Fedex pleased to inform you that we have upgraded the international express services in Beijing to provide you with faster and more flexible package pick-up and delivery services effective immediately.


  • Fedex more pick-up and drop-off points that enable you with better worldwide connection.
    • Pick-up and delivery services are applicable to all inbound and outbound packages (Not via same day flight);
    • Zip codes for areas with service enhancements: 100141, 100166, 101102-110, 101112, 101114-115, 101117, 101119, 101200-209, 101211-215, 101300-311, 101313-314, 101318, 101400-414, 101500-101516, 102100, 102200-205, 102207, 102209, 102211-213, 102218, 102300-309, 102311, 102400, 102500, 102600-609, 102611
    • Service type varies by different zip codes, please call CS hotline for details.


Fedex competitive solutions and exceptional services, together with our progressive upgrades of International services have helped you to stay tuned to this ever-changing environment. At FedEx, you can always handle your businesses under a hassle free environment.

If you require further information about these services, please call our Sales Representatives or our Customer Service Hotli

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